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2105 Great Victorian Fish Count2015 Great Victorian Fish Count

The 2015 Great Victorian Fish Count turned up some real treats in our marine waters, with volunteer divers and snorkellers recording blue gropers, blue devils and weedy seadragons.

This report summarises the results of the fish count and provides a snapshot of the unique marine life found in Victorian waters.

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Nature Conservation Review 2014

The objectives of the 2014 Nature Conservation Review are:

  • To review new information, knowledge and approaches to nature conservation as applied to Victoria.
  • To identify priority areas for nature conservation and national parks.
  • To review threatening processes and identify reforms to improve nature conservation in Victoria.

The full report, as well as individual chapters and appendices, can be downloaded from our website.

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Scenario Planning for the Westernport Bay Region

This is the final report of the Phillip Islandscenario-planning workshop, which was held in 2014 to explore and evaluate plausible futures that could be used to guide regional development, corporate strategy, political transition and community-based natural resource management for the Westernport Bay region.

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Start with the Grasslands

The Start with the Grasslands guide is a resource for anyone interested in conserving and managing grasslands but should be particularly useful for those planning new urban areas, including state and local government planners, planning consultants and landscape architects.

Developed by the Victorian National Parks Association with the support of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and produced by landscape architect and editor Adrian Marshall, the guide is the culmination of more than two years of research.

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Caught on Camera - A Monitoring Project in the Wimmera Region

In 2013 the Victorian National Parks Association trialled its Caught on Camera wildlife monitoring project in Victoria's Wimmera region to help celebrate 15 years of the Hindmarsh Landcare Network.

As well as giving us a chance to explore the value of revegetation on private land it was a great way of developing closer links with the local community.

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Impact of Proposed Port of Hastings Expansion on Seagrass,

Mangroves and Salt Marsh

Research carried out by Dr Hugh Kirkman, a leading researcher in marine and coastal management and assessment, including seagrass ecology, shows that oil spills from an expanded port development in Westernport Bay could damage large areas of globally significant seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh.

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Impact of proposed Port of Hastings expansion on the birdlife of Western Port

A new report from Birdlife Australia shows that even a single, relatively small oil spill in Westernport Bay would put critically important shorebird foraging and roosting habitat as well as federally-listed bird species and Little Penguins at high risk of short-and long-term impacts.

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The Coast is Unclear - an uncertain future for nature along the Victorian coast

The Coast is Unclear is the first report of its kind to document coastal planning and management issues along the entire length of Victoria's coastline.

It finds that successive Victorian governments have contributed to the creation of a complex, disintegrated and ineffective coastal planning and management framework that has been unable to stop the squeeze on coastal nature.

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Wombat State Forest - A Guide to the Mammals 'Caught on Camera'

The Wombat State Forest is about 90km northwest of Melbourne, and
home to numerous native Victorian mammals.

This handy field guide was produced using photos taken as part of the
VNPA's Caught on Camera monitoring project, which uses motion-sensing cameras to capture animals in the forest.

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Protecting Marine Waters

This handbook is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Victoria's marine waters and the species and habitats found within them.

It also outlines how Victorians can help ensure these unique underwater environments are better protected now and into the future.

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Caught on Camera - A Monitoring in Bunyip State Park

Caught on Camera - A Monitoring Project in Bunyip State Park

This is the second 'Caught on Camera' progress report, this time
taking a look at community monitoring of native animals in
Bunyip State Park.

The project will contribute to scientific research into the impact of fire on mammals, and could run for another 10 years.

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The Sustainable Firewood GuideThe Sustainable Firewood Guide

Conservative estimates put the amount of firewood consumed by Victorians at more than half a million tonnes a year. That's more wood than we export as woodchips!

This report is a handy consumer guide for those that want to burn the most sustainable firewood available on the market.

It also details the problems with burning unsustainable firewood, including impacts on native habitat for our wildlife.

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The State of Recreational Fishing in VictoriaThe State of Recreational Fishing in Victoria

The State of Recreational Fishing in Victoria has been prepared for the VNPA by two independent marine scientists who have identified current knowledge gaps and provided proposals for improving the management of recreational fishing in Victoria.

The report finds that the management of recreational fishing in this state falls short of what is needed to protect our unique marine environment - and recreational fishing - for the future.

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Caught on CameraCaught on Camera

Our Caught on Camera project trial in Victoria's Wombat State Forest has been developed to help answer the question 'What is the impact of fire on mammals?'

The project involved working closely with scientists and local community groups using motion sensing cameras to monitor and capture images of fauna in the forest.

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Legging it for LizardsLegging it for Lizards

Using roof tiles as a survey tool 32 eager VNPA volunteers ventured into Iramoo Wildlife Reserve in Melbourne's western suburbs in the spring of 2010 searching for threatened Striped Legless Lizards.

The study followed previous research on this curious animal that had taken place in the same area more than a decade ago in an attempt to better understand the longevity of this species and how it uses the grasslands of the area.

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Frogs in the GrassFrogs in the Grass

This report presents the results of a NatureWatch Growling Grass Frog community monitoring event at the City of Whittlesea Quarry, Epping, in January 2011.

It is part of the VNPA's grasslands community monitoring project, run by the association's NatureWatch program and developed to monitor threatened species in grasslands and involve the community in gathering much needed data.

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Moths in the SunMoths in the Sun

This report presents the results of three years of community monitoring for Golden Sun Moths in the Derrimut Grassland Reserve.

The objectives of the monitoring were to:

  1. Document the distribution of Golden Sun Moths within the Derrimut Grassland Reserve.
  2. Determine whether there is a relationship between the distribution and abundance of moths and biomass (mown and unmown areas).

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Melbourne’s Urban Expansion – Threatened Species on Our DoorstepMelbourne's Urban Expansion - Threatened Species on Our Doorstep

For the Southern Brown Bandicoot the grasslands and wildflower meadows found on the outskirts of Melbourne offer food, shelter and a place to call home.

But right now their future is being put at risk through ill-conceived urban development.

This report aims to ensure future planning considers the survival of our Southern Brown Bandicoots, as well as the needs of people.

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Riverside Rescue - Solutions for Riparian Land in Victoria

Riverside Rescue - Solutions for Riparian Land in VictoriaLaunched on World Rivers Day 2011 Riverside Rescue highlights the parlous condition of Victoria's rivers and streams and identifies policy solutions that would help repair rivers and improve water quality across the state.

Compiled by scientific experts from Monash University and commissioned by the Victorian National Parks Association, the report draws attention to significant threats from cattle trampling valuable riverside habitats and fouling waterways.

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View report13 Thirsty Species

A call for action by the Victorian National Parks Association and Environment Victoria.

A failure by past Victorian governments to arrest declining river health has left large tracts of River Red Gum forests and globally significant wetlands struggling to survive.

This report highlights the plight of just 13 flood-dependent species under threat from a lack of environmental water in the new River Red Gum parks. There are many more at risk.

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VNPA Nature Conservation Review: Marine Conservation Priorities and Issues for Victoria

On Saturday, July 24, 2010 the VNPA released the latest report in its nature conservation review series.

VNPA Nature Conservation Review: Marine Conservation Priorities and Issues for Victoria looks at the need to better protect Victoria's marine environment.

It was carried out by Australian Marine Ecology, a scientific organisation specialising in marine ecological research and consulting.

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Better Protection for Special Places: Public Land Conservation Priorities for Central Victoria

This report documents the natural values of more than 100,000 hectares of state forest across Central Victoria and calls for a dramatic increase in government spending and greater protection for these areas.

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Get the reportTurning it Around: A State Election Agenda to Safeguard Victoria's Environment

One year out from the 2010 Victorian state election, environment groups released a report outlining seven key areas requiring urgent action.

This report summarises the actions we believe are necessary to match the environmental challenges we face, and the commitments we need from our next state government to put Victoria on a more sustainable footing.

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Human Health Risk From Crown Water Frontage Licences

Download reportA report written by Daryl Holland, of the Monash University Water Studies Centre, links human health risks and poor water quality to rivers in which cattle are allowed to graze.

The report has found that cattle faeces contain pathogens that can be transmitted to humans, and that they can survive for long periods in water.

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Victorian 2009 February Fires

Commissioned by the Victorian National Parks Association, Australian Conservation Foundation and The Wilderness Society, this report analyses the driving influences of the February 7 Victorian bushfires and how they passed through and affected different areas.

You can either download the full report, which is a 6.5mb pdf, or download individual sections.

Download full report (6.5mb pdf)
Download individual sections


Flawed PromisesFlawed Promises
Environmental Organisations' Investigation of Labor's 2006 Election Old Growth Forest Commitments

This investigation into the Victorian Government's commitment to protect 41,000 hectares of old growth forest was carried out by the Victorian National Parks Association, The Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation. It was published in May 2009.

Download Flawed Promises (1.5mb pdf)

Nature Conservation Review Victoria 2001

The Victorian National Parks Association's third Nature Conservation Review was prepared by Dr Barry Traill and Dr Christine Porter. It examines the state of nature conservation in Victoria in the year 2001.

Download Nature Conservation Review Victoria 2001 (797kb pdf)


An Assessment of the Weed Management Program in Land Managed by Parks Victoria

Biosis Research report urges a radical increase in reliable, ongoing funding for weed management in Victoria's parks, and an increase in ecosystem monitoring, among a number of other important recommendations.

Download assessment (144kb pdf)


Land and Biodiversity - a Call for Action

This report by the Environment Defenders Office analyses the more than 350 submissions made to the first stage of the State Government's Land and Biodiversity White Paper.

Download report (496kb pdf)