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Rescue our parks

Rescue our parks


Victoria's beautiful national parks need a serious boost in funding, and it needs to start now.

Our national parks and other nature conservation reserves don't get the management and resources they need and deserve.

Fortunately, we have a government that has come to power promising it is 'committed to the creation of a world class system of national parks for all Victorians to enjoy, and will invest in those parks'.


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What does the problem look like?

Funding has decreased over the past four or five years. In the year 2011-12, the government allocated $122 million to manage Victoria's park system, but by 2014-15 that had fallen to below $77 million.

And that huge decrease in funding was taken from an already low base.

Today, many crucial management programs don't exist at all, and others have had their funding seriously cut. And while Parks Victoria has some remarkably skilled and dedicated staff, it doesn't have the breadth of expertise it needs across the state for the significant challenges it faces.

A couple of hundred years of land clearing and exploitation, accompanied by an ever-increasing cavalcade of invasive plants and animals, have put the condition of many of Victoria's surviving natural areas in a slow downward spiral. And now we have the added stress of climate change, and its many insidious impacts.

We have asked the Victorian Government, as a start, to return funding for park management to its 2011-12 level in the next budget, and then to continue to build the agency's resource and skill base in the years ahead.

It's more than a fair ask, given that an independent survey we commissioned showed that 96% of Victorians recognise the importance of national parks for conserving nature and protecting wildlife, and 81% support increased funding for parks.

Further research by Victoria's environment department has put the annual economic benefit of the park estate to Victorians at around $1.5 billion!

It's time to give our parks the support they deserve.


3 steps to rescue our parks

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