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Protect the laws that protect the places you love

Under pressure from big business and the mining industry, federal and state governments are aggressively winding back essential environmental protection laws.

Under the guise of cutting 'green tape' government and industry propose to hand important federal approval powers to the states and fast track approvals for large developments.

This plan, if it goes ahead, will remove essential federal protection for threatened species and accelerate mining and coal-seam gas development in our forests, woodlands, coasts and rural landscapes.

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These threats have very real implications for land, water and wildlife in Victoria.

Time and time again, our state environmental assessment process has shown to favour short-sighted political gain and financial outcomes for private development, while minimising community participation in decision-making.

History has shown that state governments often do not assess development proposals with the national interest in mind.

It is critical we have checks and balances in place to protect Australia's natural places and wildlife from industry.

For example, the Federal Government has stopped state governments allowing oil rigs on the Great Barrier Reef, cattle grazing in the Victorian Alps, a dam blocking the majestic Franklin River and a new coal port in pristine Shoalwater Bay in Queensland.

The Federal Government must not walk away from its environmental responsibilities.

Now more than ever we need to uphold and strengthen environmental laws to safeguard Australia's natural heritage for future generations.


Protect the laws that protect the places you love

We've come too far on environmental protection to give up now. History has shown the power of collective community action: the environmental protections we enjoy today were hard won, and will not be surrendered lightly.

That's why the VNPA is a signatory to the Places You Love campaign.

Visit the Places You Love website to find out more.


Protect the laws that protect the places you love