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Marine and coastal

Juvenile Scalyfin. Photo: John Gaskell


Victoria's marine environment rivals the Great Barrier Reef for uniqueness. Colourful sponge gardens, deep water canyons, seagrass meadows and BlueGropers are just some of the amazing underwater marvels that can be found.

In 2002, after more than tens years of campaigning, the VNPA played an integral role in securing our current network of marine national parks and sanctuaries - 5.3% of the state's waters.


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At the time Victoria was the world leader in marine conservation, but since then there has been no major progress on improving or increasing the protection of our marine environment.

To help Victoria regain its leadership position and create a healthy ocean for us all we are working to ensure the State Government:

  1. Delivers a comprehensive assessment and mapping of Victoria's marine habitats.
  2. Develops an integrated and effective marine and coastal act.
  3. Expands our current network of marine national parks and sanctuaries.
  4. Expands marine and coastal scientific research.
  5. Prepares a comprehensive state of the bays report.


Pipis in perilPipis in peril

Excessive recreational fishing of pipis threatens their future on Victoria's beaches.

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Protecting our seas and shores

Our report Protecting Our Seas and Shores looks at the need to protect more of our marine environment to ensure that one of the most diverse coastal regions in the world is safely guarded for future generations.

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Marine national parks and sanctuaries

Leading scientists from around the world agree that establishing marine national parks is the best way for marine ecosystems to survive and thrive.

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Explore Underwater Victoria

The Explore Underwater Victoria website showcases the beauty and diversity of Victoria's magnificent underwater world. Developed with support from Museum Victoria, it's a great resource.

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State of the bays reportMarine and Coastal Act

The Victorian Government is preparing a new Marine and Coastal Act to better manage and protect our unique marin and coastal environment. Our approach is outlined in our Marine and Coastal Act fact sheet.

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State of the bays report

Victoria's bays have a great many environmental values and beneficial uses. The state of the bays report being prepared by the Victorian Government can be used ensure these values will be rigorously monitored and effectively managed.

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