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Weeds and feral animals

Invasive species such as weeds and feral animals are some the greatest threats facing Australia's native plants and animals.

They are the number one cause of native animal extinctions in Australia, are the second biggest threat to river and stream areas as well as nationally important wetlands, and are the third biggest threat to endangered ecosystems.

In Victoria alone there are some 1000 weed and at least 250 pest animal species.

Cats, rabbits and foxes threaten rare and endangered species, and deer are multiplying rapidly, representing a new and growing threat to our biodiversity.



Feral animals such as foxes are a threat to native wildlife in Victoria.
Photo: Terry L Spivey

Our marine habitats are also under pressure. The more than 100 marine species that have been introduced into Port Phillip Bay are having a severe impact on native species, ecosystems and fisheries.

The Victorian National Parks Association is involved in a number of hands-on progams to help tackle invasive species, they include:

If you'd like to get involved with any of these programs please phone us on 03 9347 5188 or email


Alpine National Park under threat

Alps under threatVictoria's heritage-listed Alpine National Park is one of the finest national parks in Australia, but it is coming under increasing pressure from invasive pest plants and animals.

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Feral horses and deer

Feral horses and deerFeral Horses and Sambar Deer numbers are rapidly expanding in the alpine regions of Victoria, and existing control measures are incapable of reversing that situation.

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Weeds in parks

Parks and weedsIn 2008 the VNPA commissioned a study into weed problems in Victoria's state and national parks. The result was a raft of recommendations aimed at improving the health of our parks.

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Protecting the Brisbane Ranges from Dieback

Nature Watch Dieback programVolunteers with the VNPA's Nature Watch program work at the coalface of nature conservation in Victoria by helping protect the Brisbane Ranges National Park from a deadly plant killing disease called Phytophthora cinnamomi.

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Fighting the willow menace

Fighting the willow menaceThe fires that swept through northeast Victoria in 2003 cleared the way for a dangerous invader in the Bogong High Plains, a mass germination of invasive willow seedlings.

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