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How should I word a Bequest in my Will?

Making a Will is an important part of future financial planning and is the best way to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

Making a Will need not be complicated or expensive, but we do recommend that you seek the services of an Australian lawyer to ensure your wishes and intentions are recorded correctly.

We suggest the following wording as a guide:

"I bequeath to the Victorian National Parks Association Inc. [ABN: 34 217 717 593] the sum of $_____ for general purposes free of all duties. the receipt of the treasurer, secretary or other authorised officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge to my trustees."


Including the VNPA in your Will

If you have already written a Will and would like to make a bequest to VNPA, you can easily do so by adding a codicil - a short legal amendment - to your existing Will, again with the guidance of an Australian lawyer.

If you have not already written a Will, we have prepared a simple checklist to assist you in taking this important step.

Checklist for making a Will

There are several ways you can support VNPA in your Will

  • A residual bequest: After first making provision for your family and friends you can choose to leave some or the remainder to the VNPA.

  • A percentage of your Estate: If you want your gift to remain inflation-proof, you can choose to nominate a fraction or percentage of your Estate, rather than a fixed amount.

  • A specific bequest: You can choose to leave a specific sum of money.

A bequest to the VNPA will make a lasting investment in the future of Victoria's natural environment. However, as we cannot predict what the greatest need will be in 10, 20 or 50 years' time, a general purpose bequest gives us the greatest flexibility to respond to conservation challenges as they arise.


Please advise us of your bequest

We recognise that making a Will is a very personal matter and we will respect your confidentiality at all times. However, if you have already included the VNPA in your Will or plan to do so, please do let us know by contacting us on the details below or filling in our bequest form.

We would be delighted to discuss your options with you and tell you more about our vital conservation work.


Contact Us

  • VNPA office
    Phone: 03 9347 5188 or email
  • Matt Ruchel, Executive Director
    Phone: 03 9347 5188 or email


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