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Bushwalking and activities

View of the Crosscut Saw, Alpine National Park. Photo Mary Ferlin

View of the Crosscut Saw, Alpine National Park. Photo: Mary Ferlin


If you love Victoria's great outdoors, getting out and about in nature and making new friends, you'll love our activities.

We have the largest range of outdoor activities of any Victorian bushwalking group and so there is plenty of choice no matter what your work or lifestyle commitments.

Most activities cost $5 a day for our members and $9 for non-members, plus shared transport costs when used. Activities are graded according to difficulty and led by committed and experienced volunteer leaders.



You can get a FREE copy of our activities program online, and make sure you check out our latest activities on our upcoming events page.

If you are a Victorian National Parks Association member you will also receive the quarterly program with our magazine Park Watch. By joining the VNPA you'll get full access to the entire year's activity program as well as many other great benefits. But if you would like to try an activity before joining, you are welcome to attend up to three, after membership is required.



Bushwalking is one of the finest ways to enjoy nature because it offers such a range of experiences, along with the opportunity to meet new people. As well as offering great walks we also run training sessions in navigation, leadership and pack-carry walking.


Whether you are a mountain biker or prefer road biking our cycling trips have you covered. Our trips can take up to an entire day or be combined with camping on overnight and longer journeys.


Our canoeing trips take place over summer and include one-day outings on the Yarra as well as longer trips to the Murray and other rivers.

Cross-country skiing

We offer cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowcamping during the winter months. Join experienced ski leaders on easy day trips suitable for beginners or more challenging multi-day snow trips for experienced backcountry skiers.


Visit interesting places by bus on one of our excursions, which usually include walks of varying length, an opportunity to explore the area and the chance to meet up with friends.


Family activities

Family friendly activities including walks, picnics, tree planting and bike rides. Some family activities will be suitable for prams.

Search and rescue

We are a member of Bushwalking Victoria, the federation of Victorian bushwalking clubs. Through Bushwalking Victoria many of our experienced walkers volunteer as part of the Bushwalkers Search and Rescue (BSAR) squad.

Social nights

Regular social nights are an important part of the activities program and include slide nights, gear nights, dinners and guest speakers.

Under 35s group

The Under 35s group offers a full program of regular social and outdoor events. They are mostly graded easy to encourage younger and less experienced members to participate in the activities program. You do not need to be under 35 to take part. A popular email network keeps Under 35s in touch and allows information sharing on upcoming activities. If you're a VNPA member and would like to join the Under 35s e-group, email

Walk, Talk and Gawk

A 'Walk, Talk and Gawk' is a leisurely park visit/guided nature walk, either full or half day, with frequent stops for observation. They are led by experts who point out significant features, give ecological insights and explain how the park or area is managed.